Open My Eyes

Jennifer Rundllet 2011

Have you ever had one of those days….

You know the kind of day that you looked forward to with great anticipation and then when it arrived things just didn’t work out the way you had planned?

Recently, I had planned a lovely day with my husband at the National Gallery of Art to see the special Durer exhibit and hear an all Mozart Concert. My husband was playing with the National Gallery Orchestra and I was able to tag along.

Well the crowds were heavy and we had trouble finding parking and one thing led to another and we got frustrated and annoyed with one another….

All day long I felt distracted by one thing and the other until finally I stopped and said  to myself , Someone is hoping I miss something today….I wonder…..So I stopped and closed my eyes and said “God what am I suppose to see? What are you trying to show me?” and when I did this….I stopped and listened with my heart. Upon opening my eyes, I saw a huge crowd of  people crowding around the stage trying to get a picture of the soloist. In this moment I heard God say “See all the people. See all the people who love the arts.” What a wonderful message and I almost missed it.

And so I write this blog and send it out there to find others who will be touched in a special way by the arts.

Until next time….

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