Let the Glory of the Lord Rise Among Us!

Sometimes, when we view a painting it can seem so much like a fairytale that we struggle to make it personal and maybe we think there is no need. But, I have found that if I take the time to hold it close and let the colors and the rich abundance fill my heart I begin to see the painting take form in my life.

The Adoration of the Magi, Fra Angelico and Fra Filippo Lippi, National Gallery of Art , Washington DC, Image Courtesy the NGA open access.

The following are just a few of the reflections from my week of retreat….so much to savor I hope you enjoy…

Let the Glory of the Lord Rise Among Us!

“Transformation happens when we put Jesus first…” Jerry Jones

“Morality can be an idol”  John Anderson


Stay in your marriage Hula Hoop …. JeannaLynn and Richard May

Let the Praise of Our King Rise Among Us!

“…be lead by the Spirit…”

Best Friends:))





“Imagination is the architect of our soul”  Ben Merold

“Come and See” Clay Humphreys

Let it Rise Among Us….

“There will be no separate neighborhoods in heaven”

Ben Myers

“The cross that attracts and repels”

“We all have a certain spiritual blindness and the greatest miracle is a changed life” Mike Seale

Touched by blindness seeing…. and realizing that…

10515280_10154284720290012_2229973530997063198_o “The donkey that brought Jesus into Jerusalem didn’t think the crowd was cheering for him…” Keith Lancaster

“The lessons of the Church are in the gospels” Jerry Jones

Finding our sanctuary of the center…

hearing our Fathers voice singing within our heart.

Best Friends:))

Let it Rise….Let it Rise!

Dear Lord, Thank you for our beautiful week of retreat. Such a rich blessing.

We know that we have seen the Glory of the Lord rise among us. I know this was a glimpse of the beauty of heaven. Protect and bless each of these dears ones through out the coming year and bring all of us together again next summer.

O Come Let Us Adore Him so that His Glory May….

Rise Among Us!

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  1. Your contribution to this week was invaluable! Thank you for stretching us, and thank you for showing us so many new ways to embrace the glory of the Lord!


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