Michelangelo’s Spiritual Exercises

I am happy to announce the pre-sale promotion of my ebook that will be coming out Oct 12th for all of you who order my book now you will get the pre-sale price of $2.99. This is a beautiful edition for kindle and iPad that enables you to enlarge the images to look at things up close while listening to the music selections as you read about them. I have felt like Christopher Columbus sailing to the new world during this project. I hope you will tell a friend or consider adding it to your Christmas wish list.
This week’s blog is an excerpt from the book that I posted last September. I hope you will sit with your thoughts awhile and consider how you picture God.

God Thru the Arts

Michelangelo's Spiritual Exsercises

Sistine Chapel, Creation of Adam (detail) by Michelangelo Buonarroti, fresco 1510, Vatican Museum Galleries, Vatican City, Image Courtesy Bridgeman Art Library.

Seeing God is no small task, however. It can seem daunting, to say the least, but it is an exercise that is well worth the effort. To continue will put you in the company of men such as Michelangelo, who became a revolutionary of his time by painting a very human vision of the face of God into the Sistine Chapel. Can you imagine the enormity of his task, to make himself that vulnerable by expressing his personal vision of God? To fully appreciate the size of his undertaking, I always imagine him gazing at a blank wall and wondering where to begin, asking himself,

“How should I personify the Creator?”

After years of perfecting his vision of God as a powerful deity with flowing grey hair, the chapel…

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