Forty-Day Advent Journey, Week Two at a Glance

Forty-Day Advent Journey
Day Eight: Small Gestures

Sometimes God uses unexpected people in quiet ways to reach out to us…to comfort us, to tell us He is with us; that He cares….amazing how we forget sometimes that He is always there.

Read I Kings 19: 9-12 and think of how God blesses you in quiet ways….how you can be a blessing to others in quiet ways…



Forty-Day Advent Journey
Day Ten: Unity
Think of how wonderful and miraculous it was that Isaiah wrote these words 700 years before Christ’s birth. I find it heart warming to think of Handel in 1752 making them his own. Enjoy this video that uses original instruments and think of how perfectly chosen each word has become…to write it all in the present possessive tense means that every generation can take ownership of this prince of peace….and we can unite with all those who have gone before us…all the way back to Isaiah. “For unto us a Child is born” amazing that we all celebrate this as our own:)

What traditions are you passing on to your family and what are some ways you are making the Christmas season your own?

Forty-Day Advent Journey
Day Eleven: Sacred Moments

These paintings are 4 Vermeer treasures that are in the National Gallery of Art collection in Washington D.C.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This artist has a wonderful way of capture those golden moments of everyday life. Notice how he captures the direction of the light in each one of these paintings. Journal today about all the “sacred moments” you have had recently. The quiet moments such as: the person who smiled at you on the bus, the student who is progressing nicely or the husband who thought to say I love you:) Often we spend so much time re-capturing all that was wrong with our day; today let us remember all that went right and say, “Praise God from whom all blessings flow!”

Forty-Day Advent Journey
Day Twelve: Family Pictures

Once upon a time I was asked to do a talk at Pepperdine Bible Lectures, and this talk was the beginning of my little book.

Pictures can change us if we really allow them to carry us into the scene. Imagine the Annunciation scene in your mind and let yourself wonder at how it all happened. Why do you think Luke choose to include this in his Gospel?

Happy Thanksgiving and have fun capturing your own family on film this special day:) please post your favorite family photo today:)

Forty-Day Advent Journey
Day Thirteen: Big Gifts

This is where is all began, several years ago with this little girl and her very big voice. Think today about how God choose Mary….just a young girl, to receive the greatest gift for all the world. God uses unexpected people to bless the world in unexpected ways. Rest in the knowledge of God’s wonder in this story of the Annunciation and in your life, in others and in the world around you.

Forty-Day Advent Journey
Day 14: Anticipation

Think today about the nature of God’s plan. Think of all the generations that waited with great anticipation for the coming of our Lord and how out of the silence…in the mystery of the night…God burst onto the scene with the gift of His son.

Read Luke 1: 1-25 the story of Elizabeth and Zechariah. How has God unexpectedly blessed your life?

Advent official begins tomorrow, I hope you feel prepared to begin this journey along with your faith community.

Blessings and Peace:)

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