Two Socks

Because I am involved in several different projects that fill me up with great delight, I wanted to simply share with you two things that came colliding into my awareness this week.

First I revisited one of my favorite movies Dances with Wolves. 

I was once again transported into another time with the beautiful score of John Barry and wonderfully reminded of the relationship between John Dunbar and his wolf companion “Two Socks.”

I am feeling that there is a possible comparison with our relationship to God here, but I will let you ponder the imagery on your own this week….and please feel free to stop viewing at 6:30 b/c the ending is very sad.

Secondly this old hymn came to my mind this week. There maybe a relationship between the two things, but either way, let them touch your heart anew.

O the bitter pain and sorrow That a time could ever be, When I proudly said to Jesus, “All of self, and none of Thee,”

Yet He found me; I beheld Him Bleeding on th’ accursed tree, and my wistful heart said faintly, “Some of self, and some of thee,”

Day by Day His tender mercy healing helping full and free, Bro’t me lower while I whispered, “Less of self, and more of Thee.”

Higher than the highest heavens, Deeper than the deepest sea, Lord, Thy love at last has conquered, “None of self, and all of Thee.”

Theodore Monod 1874

So you tell me….do you see a connection?

Thank you Lord for your tender mercies and for calling to me in the early morning. Thank you for these dear friends who gather here to share thoughts and inspirations. May we continue to bring light into your kingdom in this coming week.

Peace and Blessings:)

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  1. jkclarkston1 says:

    Some times it is amazing to look back, and see how far we have come, then take a second look and see that the journey was very short, and we are still to arrive. The old song says it all.


  2. Yep, we are still arriving but God takes us were ever we are and doesn’t give up on us. Somehow the images of the dog fit that song I believe. Thanks for reading!


  3. jkclarkston1 says:

    Never kill a dog in the movies. I guess they though being a wolf made it all right.

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