Heroes of Compassion

This week as we prepare ourselves for the coming of the baby Jesus, remind yourself that God is the ultimate Good Samaritan when he sent us his son. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Thanks!

God Thru the Arts

How can we make the story of the “Good Samaritan” come to life? What could gazing at this painting, by Van Gogh, potentially reveal that is new and undiscovered.  Possibly nothing, and yet I do enjoy gazing at the scene and thinking about why he might have chosen this story as his subject. Did it have some special meaning for him? I’m sure…

the-good-samaritan-after-delacroix-1890.jpg!HD The Good Samaritan, after Delacroix, Vincent van Gogh, 1890, oil on canvas, 73 X 60 cm, Rijksmuseum Kroller-Muller, Otterlo Netherlands.

This is a copy of a Delacroix painting and one that is masterfully executed in its own right, but even so, there is something riveting about Van Gogh’s use of color and his signature swirls of paint. I can imagine him working fervently as he applied the paint with his pallet knife.

We can feel the heaviness of the lame man’s body as the Samaritan heaves him upwards onto his horse who seems to be turning around…

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