Practicing Holy Vision

What are the steps for practicing our faith? How can we develop our inner eye so that we might see with renewed strength God’s blessings all around us? Like all of us this week I am reeling from the news of violence in our world…do I need to escape? Should I run and hide myself from all unnecessary exposure to public forums? or should I join the mighty chorus of doubt and despair?

La Orana Maria, 1891, Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) oil on canvas, 44.8 x 34.5 in. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. image source.

I love this painting by Paul Gauguin as he was able to share his holy vision. Through symbols that are universal he touches our collective consciousness with a picture of the divine. Mary becomes the universal “archetype” for our journey towards God and I am charmed by his unique storytelling ability to shine a light into the primitive world and through the doors of our heart open to the possibility that Mary has existed many times in multiple cultures across time and space.


And yet what can I see in the story of Mary that will bring my relation with God closer?

Mary is pure.

She is chosen by God.

She is able to see the miraculous…

and hear God’s voice.

She courageously accepted her mission…

and so she became open to receive God’s divine love.

Through Mary we can see the profound theological truths of how to practice our faith so we might see God and bare him into the world.

  • We must purify our lives.
  • Prepare ourselves to be chosen.
  • Become still so we might see and hear God’s voice.
  • Risk rejection by others so we might say yes to God.

Yes! God is working all around us in a myriad of miraculous ways. And as we rise to greet another day we proclaim:

“Praise God from who all blessings flow”… as we shine God’s light into the darkness to practice our “Holy Vision” of faith.

May God bless you and keep you as you travel through this week.

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