In Memoriam: 2016

New Years Eve always brings with it a bittersweet feeling as we look back and remember those who passed away during 2016. There were so many greats silenced this year, I will not try to list them all, but instead share with you just a few that touched my life in a special way.

Glenn Frey died January 18, 2016

Lead singer of the rock band Eagles and wrote many of my favorite tunes including Peaceful Easy Feeling and Take it Easy. 

Gene Wilder died August 29.

My favorite films of his are Young Frankenstein and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Here Willy Wonka sings Pure Imagination.

Alan Young died May 19 at the age of 96.

Prolific voice actor but most famous for his supporting role with the talking horse Mister Ed. (One of my favorite shows when I was young:)

Toots Thielemans died August 22nd at the age of 94.

A fantastic musician who played on many movie soundtracks through out the years such as Midnight Cowboy and The Sugarland Express. You may not have known him by name, but you certainly have heard him play. Listen as he shares the stage with Sting at about 2:30.


Pete Fountain died August 6 at age 86.

A wonderful jazz clarinetist known for New Orleans Dixieland and played with many of the greats. It is good to see him here playing with the Tonight Show band:)

Jane Little a double bassist for the Atlanta Symphony for 71 years died at age 87 after collapsing on stage. Very inspiring lady:)

Debbie Reynolds died December 28 at the age of 84 after experiencing the heartbreak of losing daughter Carrie Fisher just two days earlier. I love so many of her performances but none better than this one from Singing in the Rain.

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