Sowing the Seeds of Peace

I’m calling for an independant council. I hope you will join me. But I’m calling for a different kind of council…and that is one of peace.

Dear Lord send us an independent counselor who can help all sides of this political and cultural civil discord that we are now experiencing, to sit down at the table together and find a way back to a working relationship in your peace. Help them to listen for common ground and be willing to put the welfare of our country and our world on the table. Restore there trust and respect for one another and Grant us Peace!

The Sower, Vincent van Gogh, 1888, Wiki Media Commons, Scripture Source Matt 13: 1-9

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a music teacher and this week as I made the rounds to many of the concerts happening in our community, I was so impressed by how many committed music teachers I encountered and how they found little and large ways to inspire their students to make music together and to entertain their audiences while speaking and celebrating words of wisdom.

Yes! these humble music teachers, were sowing the seeds of peace.

I heard the heartbeat of humanity in the drums of Africa;  I was filled with community spirit while listening to the bells ringing from the church towers in England.  I traveled through the wonders of our National Parks; and as I listened to the beautiful tones of our Wind Ensemble, I heard the Gettysburg Address read from the stage to a packed audience who listened to Lincoln’s words, in rapt silence, as if for the first time. Amazing!

But yesterday, I ventured into a middle school concert that was happening just around the corner from my house. One of my students was playing and I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet and introduce myself to the local band teacher. I will tell you that what I experienced there was more powerful and uplifting than anything I could have planned or imagined. I was impressed by so many things but to keep this brief, the concert ended with a patriotic salute to the armed forces that concluded with the entire audience standing and saying the pledge of allegiance to the flag; and then singing our national anthem.

As the children accompanied us, we were united in song…

Wow! What a powerful message and heart changer!  It reminded me of what really matters. Yes, it shamed me a little bit at the things I have been caught up in most recently by reminding me that the children are listening…

Everyday they are watching and listening to the things we say and do.

It also reminded me of this scene from To Kill a Mockingbird. I hope you will watch and see why.

When we feel ourselves getting all heated up over the latest controversy, I urge you, and encourage you to find the children in your neighborhood and listen to them play, hear their voices as they shout and run and feel the breeze in their carefree world.

It will change your heart. I know it did mine…

Then Jesus told the people another story: “God’s kingdom is like a mustard seed that a man plants in his field. 32 It is the smallest of all seeds. But when it grows, it is the largest of all garden plants. It becomes a tree big enough for the birds to come and make nests in its branches.”

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