Changing the Vibration

Somehow I keep allowing Satan to get his punches in on me…

I keep allowing him to give me these total body blows to my self-esteem and positive attitude.

Sometimes it happens in one great big sucker punch bringing me to my knees as I become blinded by emotional and spiritual pain.

But most times, and I believe these can be the most damaging, the Father of lies uses these little pin pricks that eventually, cause me to leave my security and doubt everything around me.

Maybe I hear a scary rumor at work or maybe someone makes a passing joke that leaves a whiff of sarcasm in the air. Maybe I read something online that makes me feel left out in someway. These small things become large as they  linger and begin to resonate within my soul. Suddenly, I find myself ruminating over all the possible meanings of a comment and what people might think of me. Allowing this kind of thinking to begin to vibrate within my heart, I become worried about the future and what I might have to face if xy or z happens…

I think:  the world is an unfair and dark place where everything is rigged against me.

I like to call these my “Charlie Brown” moments–My “I got a rock” kind of thinking. When I become blinded by the thought that everyone has a “Snickers Bar” life filled with sweetness…everyone but me.

The Temptation and Expulsion, Sistine Chapel, 1509-1512, Michelangelo, Fresco, Image Source

The painting for this week is a segment from the Sistine chapel that highlights the Temptation and Fall of Adam and Eve as they are driven from the peace and security of their paradise. I hope  you can see how Satan needled Eve to yield to temptation by little whispers of doubt… and how these thoughts became huge and separated Adam and Eve from the presence of God.

How can we guard our hearts from these kinds of attacks from the Father of Lies?  How can we turn our hearts so we might vibrate a positive frequency once more?

Most importantly, I believe, we should pray. And when we do we need to really pray honestly from the heart pouring out all our concerns and showing God all our scars. (I have found, this doesn’t mean a long poetic prayer, but sometimes the shortest cry from the heart can land the sweetest and swiftest response from our Lord.)

Once this is done, I highly recommend you look around and find someone you can reach out to in a special way. Yes, when you most want to crawl under the bed and hide from the world…Reach out!!  If you need inspiration, turn to the scriptures and notice that Jesus did this time after time ~

When he was tired, he sat down and talked with the woman at the well…

When he was surrounded by a demanding crowd, he noticed Zacchaeus and invited himself to dinner.

Letting the children come to him for a blessing…

Healing the blind, the sick, the lame…

And suffering on the cross, he reached out to forgive the thief and give comfort.

Yes, Jesus was continually touching other people’s lives to change the vibration of darkness and evil that surrounded him.

The amazing thing is you don’t need to be a miracle worker to change the atmosphere. You just need to start small. Here are some tried and true “vibration changers” that have worked for me:

  • Send a text to someone to tell them you are thinking of them. Wish them a happy day without it being their Birthday.
  • Write an encouraging card and send it in the regular mail. To make this easier, I like to keep a drawer full of cards that I have picked up during the year. That way when the Spirit directs, you can quickly pick out the appropriate sentiment and add your personal touch. (Church ladies have been doing this for years:)
  • Give someone at work a compliment or ask them to recommend their favorite local hot spot or retreat. It tells them you value their opinion enough to seek out their advice.
  •  Strike up a conversation with an elderly person in the grocery story. You might be the only person they talk to today and it can really lift their spirits if you take the time to notice them.  It can be something as small as “hey have tried all the new flavors of Triscuts?”

And when you feel the vibration turning:

  • Volunteer for a worthy cause. This could be something as simple as ushering for the local theater group; visiting a pet shelter to spend a little time petting a homeless animal; or reading a story to children at the library.

These are just a few ideas of how to change the vibration. Try them and you will be amazed out how quickly you will feel yourself soaring once more.

I hope you will share with me the things you do to raise your spirit? I look forward to your comments:))

Dear Lord, Bless this day. Open my eyes to what you would have me see and know. Protect my heart from fear and doubt. Help me to be strong and courageous as I remember that you are always with me. Bless all those who are reading this who are struggle with their individual burdens and anxieties. Bring peace to their hearts and to all their interactions this week. Help us to grow in patience and understanding for those around us and listen to our individual concerns as we lift them up to you each day. Keep the chain going as we pray in Christ alone

Once you have prayed, listen to this classic song and hear it as the Spirit of Christ, the lover of your soul, singing to you. It becomes an entirely new thing… amazing:))

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  1. debhumphreys says:

    What a beautiful reminder that it is more about the little things in life. The little nagging anxieties and the little positive actions we can take for our Father to recenter us on him. And on what really matters What my Lord thinks should always overcome what others think. So easy to say. So daily to do.


    1. Thanks Debbie:) Do you have any vibration changers? I know you are a big reader. I’m thinking you probably have certain writers you go to for comfort and to recharge or lift your spirits?


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