Praising God: The Cloudscape

A dear friend of mine and a fellow blogger posted online that he was suddenly becoming more aware of how important it is to spend time in praise of God. And I thought “wow! amazingly simply but very profound.” and I am resolved to spend more time in praise. I hope to encourage you in some small way.

One of the ways I could praise God would be to get out and about more in nature and turn off my cell phone and just listen and look…

And so I become mesmerized by the clouds that day. They were so billowy and fluffy and all different shades of white. They had volume and it seemed to me that they were being rolled back and that I could almost see heaven.

Fishing in a calm, Ary Pleysier (1809-1879), oil on canvas, Dutch Artist, Image Source

These paintings were a couple I found by a little known dutch artists who seemed to capture the same kind of day on canvas. I just searched “Cloudscape.” I always include the image source so that if any of you might be searching for an image you can save time.

I like how this artists has captured the reflection in the water and the birds in mid-flight. I could spend some time gazing at this painting. I hope you enjoy:)

Beach View with Boats, Ary Pleysier, (1809-1879) oil on canvas, cloudscape, Image Source  

Another thing I tried as an inspiration for praise, was to read through a Psalm and then try to capture the ideas of the Psalm.

I will praise you , O Lord, with all by heart; (adore completely)

I will tell of all your wonders. (give my love generously)

I will be glad and rejoice in you; (chose gratitude)

I will sing praises to your name, O most High. (live joyfully)

Psalm 9 :1-2

I hope these ideas will inspire you to praise God this week.

Do you have any ideas you could share?

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