Finding God in Nature

Recently, I went to visit the American Pre-Raphaelite exhibit at the National Gallery in Washington DC. There were many beautiful examples and I was struck by the work of Fidelia Bridges 1834-1923 who lived in Canaan Connecticut.


She found the beauty of small things in nature. Known for her “microscopic details” and as William Trost Richards says, “the unaffected expression of great joy in the beauty of nature…”

Milkweed in the Middle of a Wheat Field,  1876, Fidelia Bridges, water color, Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute, Museum of Art, Utica.

There is beauty even in the wild milkweed growing on its own in a field of wheat as it reaches upwards and baths in God’s glorious sunshine. I can see a chorus of tiny butterflies swirling around in attendance…delighting in the splendor of the milkweed.

Bird’s Nest In Cattails, 1875, watercolor and gouche on light brown wove paper

A bird’s nest haphazardly placed as it is woven carefully amidst the cattails…reminds me of Moses as a baby floating safely among the reeds. God’s mastery is present in all these things.

Pink Cyclamen, 1870s, watercolor.

These cyclemen are beautifully spotlighted as they elegantly arch and bend towards the light…simply captivating.




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  1. MO’D says:

    Thank you. Very peaceful…..


    1. Thanks for stopping by;)


    2. Thanks Michael! Good to hear from you in this place 😀


  2. Beautiful images. “Finding God in nature” is one of the reasons I am drawn to the poetry of Wordsworth and Hopkins, the spirituality of St. Francis of Assisi, and the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich. But I had not heard of this painter before. Thank you for sharing, Michael.


    1. Many of my favorites! So happy to have introduced this important woman artist to you. She was new to me also. There is always more to see hear learn and do! Thanks


  3. Hi, Jennifer, this latest post is so enchanting, funny I just post a piece with a similar format-a good one!

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  4. O I will check it out! Thanks for stopping by! Happy Summer!!


  5. Hi, Jennifer – what a blessing each time I visit with you and be touched with the love of God in each of your post. Today I appreciate your inspiration, Merci!


    1. Aw… thanks sweet sister. You have inspired me over and again too. Blessings 😀


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