Advent Journey Day Three: History

Advent Journey

Day Three: History

Today we will reflect on our Christian heritage and consider how we are strengthened by remembering those who have come before us. Is there someone in church history you admire? Is there someone in your family history that has been a role model?

This English folk carol was composed by an anonymous Christian from days of old and transmitted through the generations orally. It wasn’t until the early 20th century that Cecil Sharp, a “song collector” transcribed the song to preserve it for future generations.

Read through and consider the simplicity and wisdom of the words before you listen to the performance.

May God’s peace be with you.

The  Truth Sent From Above

This is the truth sent from above,

The truth of God, the God of love,

Therefore don’t turn me from your door,

But hearken all both rich and poor.

And at the season of the year,

our blest Redeemer did appear,

He here did live, and here did preach

And many thousand He did teach.

Thus He in Love to us behaved,

To show us how we must be saved

And if you want to know the way,

Be please to hear what He did say.

English Traditional vs. 1, 6 and 7

Listen now to William Dutton as he beautifully proclaims the “Gospel of Love”…..

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