Advent Journey, Day Five: Deliverance

Advent Journey
Day Five: Deliverance

George Frederick Handel lived during the years  1685-1759 and is most famous for his powerful “Hallelujah Chorus” from his oratorio Messiah. He lived for most of his life in England during the Baroque period of music and art history. He wrote many other fine works that used “word painting” to spotlight the most dramatic moments in the Bible.

 Listen to how Handel paints a picture, with music, of  the Jewish people and their deliverance from slavery. This music dramatizes the moment they stepped out on dry land after God’s miracle of parting the Red Sea and illuminates the feelings of the recorded words of Moses as he praised God for their salvation from Egypt.

“He is my strength and my song; He has become my Salvation. HE IS MY GOD, AND I WILL PRAISE HIM, MY FATHER’S GOD, AND I WILL EXALT HIM” ~ Exodus 15:2

How can you write these words on your heart?

How does the story of Jesus’ birth run parallel to this old testament story?

How has God freed you from your slavery to fear, worry, doubt and sin?

May God’s peace be with you!







Blessings to you this week:)


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