GTA Advent Journey, Day 11: Sacred Moments

GTA Advent Journey
Day Eleven: Sacred Moments

These paintings are 4 Vermeer treasures that are in the National Gallery of Art collection in Washington D.C.

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Vermeer has a wonderful way of capturing the golden moments of everyday life. Notice how he captures the direction of the light in each painting.

In this way, God’s light shines on each of us in a myriad of beautiful ways.

I encourage you to make a practice of listing your “sacred moments” at the end of the day.  The quiet moments such as: the person who smiled at you on the bus, the relative who is progressing nicely or a dear one who thought to say I love you:)

Often we spend so much time re-capturing all that was wrong with our day; today let us remember all that went right and say, “Praise God from whom all blessings flow!”

Blessings and Peace:)

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