GTA Advent Journey, Day 14: Illumination

Annunciation, 1333, Simone Martini (1284-1344) Uffizi Gallery, Image Source

In our modern time when we feel we have all the advantages of technology,  we tend to think we have advanced right passed the need for all these traditions into some sort of high powered, multi-tasking, version of celebrating Christmas?

Why must we wait, each year, on the birth of our Lord? Why must we “pretend” the event has not happened yet? Why should we delay our celebrations? What could possibly be of benefit in the Advent tradition?

God keeps unfolding our understanding of Christ little by little each year, and as He does this,  Jesus grows more inside us so that he can be born into the world to a greater degree. As each Christmas passes, and as we take time to ponder the wonder and mysteries of the Virgin birth, the light of God grows stronger inside of us. Like the glow of the golden icon above, the wisdom of God’s love for us is “Illuminating” our hearts with an inner warmth that grows ever brighter. And we realize that God wants us to desire him too.

For today we prepare because soon we will be able to say with full voice:

“Unto Us a Child is Born!”

If God wants you to know Him in a truer way, He will create the circumstances that drive you to seek Him more deeply. He creates the path. And then He is the light of understanding that shines within you….And as I have told you, He wants us to live with hope and expectancy, believing He is going to reveal himself to us more and more. For God wants to be seen. And He wants us to seek. And He moves closer to us when we are expectant of His coming.”  ~ Julian of Norwich, Rekindling the Inner Fire Series, David Hazard

Our Father, have mercy on us and teach us the wisdom of your ways. Show us how to eagerly seek you so that you will open our eyes to the great riches of your kingdom and so that we may know with our inner eyes of faith your words…peace be with you.

May you be a blessing to others this week.

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