Communing with the Divine

Flutes on Deck 8-27-20, Rose Cottage by Catherine McMichael,
played by Jennifer Rundlett, Carla Ball, Denise Slusser and RayLee Peterson

Upon reflection…

certain scenes fully experienced, can be imprinted on your soul.

In the immediate aftermath you might detail the guest list

or go over the challenges that arose…those who arrived late;

the pages that blew off the stand spoiling the perfection of the music.

But then time sifts your thoughts and you remember most the feelings that connected you to the atmosphere.

Those are the memories that you treasure.

Hearing from friends, listening to family, you realize that indeed there were moments of the Divine.

Gazing up and seeing an entire flock of birds fly up and over head just as two voices joined in perfect harmony.

Seeing the moon-half cast- as the beauty of it emerges through the dusky evening sky.

Neighbors bringing their children out to quietly listen for awhile.

And because of all these things you realize that it was magical.

Someday, looking back through all the events of our global pandemic, I know I will remember these moments because…

After a long time apart,

We were together

making music

in a God given space

and communing with the Divine.

Upon reflection certain scenes fully experienced

can be imprinted on your soul.

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