Sandy Hook Lighthouse, 1876, Edward Moran (1829-1901) oil on canvas, 40×30 inches. Image Source

Since we recently considered Bridges, I thought it would be appropriate to continuing thinking on these simple kinds of images. In this way, I have drawn strength and gained God’s wisdom. I hope you will join me. We are keepers of the light.

Just some sketched thoughts about LIGHTHOUSES AND LIGHTHOUSE KEEPING.

  • They are towers of strength that rise above the landscape.
  • Lighthouses shine light into darkness.
  • They are lone pillars for those who are lost and looking for guidance…for navigational aid.
  • The lighthouse keeper is the person who tends the light.

Thinking on this I wondered: How can we keep the lights on? How can we ensure that God’s light of love will fill us and overflow us into the world?

Step One: Rise early and commit each day in prayer to God. Ask him for His blessing.

Step Two: Endeavor to make each action a holy gift to God. A living prayer.

Step Three: Guard your heart from sources of despair. Remember others are depending on you.

Step Four: End each day with reflection in humble gratitude for God’s grace.

Step Five: Rest and Repeat. Remembering that you are a light keeper.

I hope you will consider this little video. It is amazing how the light keeper just gets up and does his thing everyday. Click Here: National Geographic: A Day In the Life of a Lighthouse Keeper

There is such encouragement and wisdom in this beautiful old hymn.

“Brightly Beams Our Fathers Mercy” Words and Music written by Phillip Paul Bliss, 1838-1876 Sung by Dan Ellison, Spencer Ellison, Steven Jensen and Trevor Nielsen. Audio & Video recorded/edited by James Case

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  1. Sandra Essary says:

    “Brightly Beams Our Fathers Mercy” … listening, I can still hear my mom’s voice singing alto in church … such a precious memory. Brought the tears right away. Thanks for posting an å cappella version.


  2. O thank you 🙏 sweet sister for reading and commenting. Isn’t it amazing how quickly we can be swept back into those golden moments. Those days of security and being loved and cherished as only a parent can give to a child. I am trying to remember that God is my Heavenly Father who cares for me in that way and provided my family.


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