Mozart Symphony #41: Jupiter II Andante Cantabile

The Boy Mozart (Age 6) 1763, oil on canvas, Image Source

Even after a lifetime involved in music, I still find myself challenged when I try to focus my listening on a piece of music. I start out with all good intentions but at some point I find that I have gone into “monkey brain” and my mind is jumping all over the place. I look up and realize that I am no longer in the same movement or perhaps the music has moved on to another composer.

But if I really become resolute, if I really lean in to listen, then I am able to forget for a time all the things that are stressing me.

I encourage you to give it a try. Use this beautiful slow movement of Mozart’s last symphony to destress your mind. Decide to step away from all your activities and worries and use this time to refresh, recharge, be inspired and amazed.

As you listen, try to notice:

  1. the individual themes as the pass by
  2. how the melodies are transformed as they are passed around the orchestra
  3. notice the interplay between the sections of the orchestra
  4. feel the different moods.
  5. enjoy the blending of different instrumental colors.

Begin to feel how this kind of active listening can nourish your soul and soften your heart.

And after listening to this beautiful music, thank God for Mozart’s gift and for his joy of life.


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