Retreats and Workshops

Dear Friends, It is my primary desire to shine a light into a deeper understanding of the love of God by combining art and musical experiences into one unified message. I have created unique lessons that are designed to appeal to a wide variety of people within your fellowship.

These retreat/workshops can be tailored to fit a variety of types of events. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to schedule a call and develop a plan that will fit your needs.

I look forward to sharing my passion for connecting others to God thru the Arts!


What People Are Saying:

Jennifer Rundlett’s inspiring lecture on the Annunciation, Dec. 10, 2017, at St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal, Sanibel, Florida, moved listeners to tears. Her unusual perspective brought the meaning of both the art and music alive. Her audience left her talk, not only inspired, but calmed and prepared to participate more fully in the Advent celebration. This lecture was her third at the church. She is invited back yearly by popular demand. And her flute playing during the services is stellar. I am sure St. Michael’s will see her for a fourth presentation next year.

Jan Holly, parishioner, chorister, and Saturday/summer service organist, 

St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church

“Your presentation was beautifully executed and inspiring in content. Thanks for a job done to the glory and honor of God, the creator of all things beautiful.

At the top of my list is Jennifer Rundlett, who presented a marvelous two-part series on the story of Jesus through art and music.  As a gifted speaker Jennifer transmitted to us her love of the arts and her heritage of faith with great depth of devotion.  I commend her to you for future lectureships.” 

 Anita (Romeo) Hassey, Ft. Myers, FL, Arts and Humanities Teacher

Jennifer has presented several programs at our church related to themes from the Bible and the arts. She does a masterful job of weaving music, poetry, art work and scripture into a presentation that is very informative and worshipful. There is also a contemplative aspect of her work, which engages the senses and imagination, that I find appealing too. For anyone who is serious about understanding and discovering God through various mediums of presentation, I would highly recommend Jennifer’s approach and classes!”

Michael O’Donnell, DDS, Deacon, ELC Frederick, MD

“God thru the Arts has become a staple diet of inspiration for our church family. God has been teaching us about Himself through beautiful images, pictures, and sounds since creation. Jennifer’s gentle teaching style and expertise takes a relatively small sliver of select artists’ and musicians’ attempts to reflect God’s creativeness to tell the story of God and she opens wide entry into a new understanding of His holiness and glory. Any church or group would benefit greatly having her come.”
Jim Denison, Minister, Frederick Church of Christ, Frederick, MD

“Barbara and I thought you were fantastic on your Friday afternoon gig–Bach, Luther, Grunewald, and all that– God bless your ministry,” Darrel Gilbertson, Georgetown, TX, co-author of Exit Stage Right, retired ELCA Pastor

“Jennifer Rundlett’s class digs deep into the historical theology found in famous art that we see so often, but have never fully understood. As a musician, she can give unique insights into pieces of music that a casual listener might normally ignore. Also, being a teacher, she teaches in a way that is easy to listen to and understand. I highly recommend this class to anyone who seeks to deepen their understanding of Christ through works of art created at historical times of the past.”                                                                                                          Daniel Busche, Frederick, MD, High School Junior, Age 17

“You’ve given me a different view of what it means to edify one another. I now realize that God has given us many gifts through music, art and dance that we can use to teach and uplift one another. Thank you”                                                                                                 Rodger Boyd, Frederick, MD, retired engineer 

“Jennifer is a gifted teacher skillfully combining media, history, and Biblical teaching to create lessons that will long be remembered. I very highly recommend her seminars to gain fresh perspectives on the undeniable hand of God in all that surrounds us.” Lori Risse, Castaic, CA, Jet Propulsion Lab

 “Steve and I really enjoyed your class, it was so very interesting! We really appreciated being introduced to all the great works of art pertaining to the class–lovely, and thought provoking as well! Thank you again!”         Sheri Clark, Frederick, MD Photographer

“I am loving your Sunday morning class…it is one of the highlights of my week.  I am learning and pondering spiritual things in a new light.  Your class not only makes me want to read more classics, listen to a variety of music, watch old movies, but to be a shining star with my Savior. Thanks for believing in me…in all of humanity.   Thanks for your love of the Lord, your willingness to teach others, and your curiosity.”               Nancy Burdette, Union Bridge, MD, Home Healthcare Provider

“Thank you so much for all the work you have put into your class. That hour is such a moment of both enlightenment and peace for me. I am learning so much, and seeing and hearing in new ways.”                      Dr. Sharon Moore, Frederick, MD, Medical Research