Grief Work 2 – Reflection

It was important to notice and give myself permission to enjoy something and yes thank God for the blessing of the nice weather or the dear friend who listened.

GTA Advent Journey Day 23: Blessedness

GTA Advent Journey Day Twenty-three: Blessedness Read Matthew 5:1-11 The Beatitudes through the lens of the Christmas story…Blessed are the: -poor in spirit–barren Elizabeth & Zachariah -those who mourn–The killing of the Innocents -the meek–those humble shepherds -those who hunger and thirst for righteousness–star gazing wise men -the merciful–compassionate Joseph -pure in heart–highly favored Mary…

GTA Advent Journey Day 20: Immanuel

All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had spoken by the prophet: ‘Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel,’ (which means God with us.) ~ Matthew 1: 22-23 quoting Isaiah 7:14

GTA Advent Journey Day 19: Prince of Peace

GTA Advent Journey Day 19: Prince of Peace Without Jesus at the center of our being our hearts can become crusted over with hardness  imprisoning us with chains of fear and doubt. Yet the key to unlock the door is within our grasp. Nothing is impossible, only our pride shuts our prince of peace out….

My Retreat Interview

Last month, I had the pleasure of appearing on Tina Korte’s program called: “The Power of One” I hope you can join us for this conversation of connecting with God thru the Arts. In Jesus Name, Florida Retreat, April 3, 2019

The Art of Letter Writing

This year, for my New Year’s resolution, I decided that I would look for ways to revive some “old school” ways. I wanted to lay down my cell phone a bit more and break the horrible addiction of checking for emails and comments…to simplify things and relish the slow lane of life a little more…

Gotta Know When to Hold ‘em

Gotta Know When to Hold ‘em:  A Reflection “The Card Players” painted by Paul Cezanne’s by Adam R. Nettesheim “You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk way, know when to run!” – “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers Plainly said, I see in this painting two gentlemen…

In Jesus’ Name: The Beloved Son

  By framing this scene, of Christ and the angels, with billowing clouds, Hans Hemling  suggest to our mind that there is another heavenly dimension only a breath away. He plants the idea that if we only listen closely we might be able to catch a glimpse of Jesus’ glory and hear a mighty chorus…

In Jesus’ Name: The Resurrection and Life

Am I too late to celebrate you O Savior of the World? *Woman why are you crying? Have I been too caught up in the now– in the ordinary things of this world? I am anxious, O Lord, and I can not see you. Who is it your are looking for, child? Lord do you…

In Jesus’ Name: Lamb of God

Much has been said this week about the fire at our beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral. I say “our” because this house of worship has become so much to so many people across the globe. You don’t have to be French or Parisian or even Catholic to be utterly gutted by the sudden horror of seeing…