Grief Work 2 – Reflection

It was important to notice and give myself permission to enjoy something and yes thank God for the blessing of the nice weather or the dear friend who listened.

Grief Work – 1 Emotional Noise

In those earliest days after her passing, I can only describe my feelings towards God as a sort of “white out” effect. Try as I might, I just couldn’t feel his presence in my life.

Searching for Answers

For all who are currently living in the aftermath of some kind of bomb shell discovery, I hope you might find my reflections this week helpful. ¬†Please remember that whatever it is that you are currently struggling through, find someone to talk to about your feelings and as always I encourage you to turn to…

A Time For Singing

Standing Vigil Watching for the crack of light that will spread across the horizon. Longing to see the warmth of those rays of energy beaming to break into the darkness. But what shall we do while we wait? How can we comfort our broken spirit? How do we face the horror without communing¬†with the evil…